How to use this site

The more involved you get with Red Hat's technology partner program, the more access you'll have. 

Not registered yet? 

You can still navigate around the site to see all the ways Red Hat is supporting technology companies - providing expertise through blog posts, hosting and sponsoring in-person and virtual events, and by providing development and certification guidance so companies can align with Red Hat products and industry technologies.

Registered, but have not yet joined a zone

Your company now has Member status, so you and your colleagues have access to start actively engaging in the program. You can participate in discussion threads, register and attend events, and you can now request to join a technology-specific zone. 

Joining a zone

As a member, your Org Admin can submit a request for your company to join a zone, which will then be reviewed by the Red Hat Conect team for approval. If approved, you will be asked to return to the site to electronically sign the Red Hat Global Partner Agreement (GPA). Even if your company already has an NDA on file with Red Hat, this partner agreement includes terms and conditions specific to technology partners, so it will be required to gain access to zone content and processes. Go to your company dashboard to find out who your company's Org Admin is.

Please note that your company can join more than one zone at a time. Each one will require a separate approval from Red Hat Admins, but you will not be required to sign the GPA more than once.

Zones and Projects

As soon as you have signed your GPA your company has reached Partner status. This enables your team to access confidential, proprietary assets from Red Hat including documentation, toolsets, software, and even access to Red Hat engineers. Also, since you are a Red Hat Technology Partner, you are encouraged to use the program partner mark as needed. The logo and usage guidelines can both be found in the Resource Library. 

Your development team can work in the zone until you are ready to start a project - the codified process that walks you through the Align, Build, and Certify phases so that you can certify your product.


Once your product has completed the certification workflow, your product will be published in the Unified Certification Catalog and you are encouraged to use the certification logo (found in the Resource Library). Congratulations - Your company can now capitalize on all the benefits of Red Hat certification.