Red Hat Professional Services Partner Program

Grow your high-value service offerings

The Red Hat Professional Services Partner program offers a path to expand your open source practice and service capabilities along with Red Hat.

This program provides the tools and technologies customers need to develop open source solutions and extend high-value services in any customer environment, using proven marketing, sales and training resources designed to develop your expertise. As your commitment to and command of Red Hat open source services continue to grow, so will the many benefits.

Red Hat Professional Services Partner program benefits

Marketable skills

Generate more revenue opportunities with sought-after industry skills and capabilities offered as a program benefit.

Service preference

Gain preference for Red Hat resourcing requests and specialized training in emerging open source solutions.

Increased visibility

Differentiate your organization and expand market reach with Red Hat’s high-demand accreditations and certifications.

Consulting opportunities

Gain enhanced access to Red Hat Consulting projects and opportunities to expand your service offerings.

Become a Professional Services Partner

  • Build trust, cultivate long-term relationships, and grow opportunities in newer markets through service offerings

  • Enhance your company’s expertise with tools, training, and technical resources and events

  • Access technical training promotions and discounts

  • Become eligible for region-wide subcontracting

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