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Partner Success Story

Service reliability with a hybrid-cloud solution

We researched a lot of vendors, but it was clear that Axcelinno had a team of problem solvers who understood the issues we were facing and the technologies that were needed to solve those problems.

Nick Lindsey
Operations Manager,TRAC Solutions

Fast Facts:

  • Company: Axcelinno– provides full-service electronic and alternative monitoring solutions for courts and jails in the Midwest
  • Partner Type:Certified Technology Partner
  • Products Used: Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform and Red Hat JBoss EAP

The challenge

Due to the instability of the original platform that had been built using unsupported, community software, TRAC Solutions experienced service disruptions lasting 24 hours or more. These issues spurred them to re-evaluate their existing solution and find a new one that would reduce complexity as well as potential costs while improving the end customer experience.

Now we can support any number of customers whereas before, we were quickly running out of the room and overusing our resources. We have a much taller ceiling and can focus on growing our business.

Jonathan Rogoff
CTO,TRAC Solutions


TRAC Solutions chose to work with Axcelinno and Red Hat to implement a supported container orchestration platform and application server to provide a stable and highly available platform on Amazon Web Services (AWS) that could host their mission-critical applications.

TRAC Solutions sought guidance from Axcelinno to install and configure the Red Hat Openshift platform in the TRAC Solutions AWS environment, migrate the TRAC Solutions IOT applications to Red Hat JBoss EAP, along with deploying the application and the JBoss EAP platform to this new OpenShift environment.

During the consulting engagement, Axcelinno understood the TRAC Solutions team’s current skills, and mentored and up-skilled them on the new solution.


The new cloud infrastructure allowed TRAC Solutions to reduce time to market for customer applications—and increase collaboration between teams. Also, standardizing on Red Hat software helps TRAC Solutions’s IT teams ensure application updates are not only made quickly, but with minimal risk of errors or outages for end users. The efficiency of its new environment helped TRAC Solutions reduce its operational expenditure, including time savings and support costs. Parole officers and court systems can rest assured that the continuous alcohol monitoring devices they rely on are available 24/7. TRAC Solutions is currently expanding its client base at a faster rate than ever before, bringing their electronic monitoring technology to criminal justice systems across the nation.

Key Takeaways

  • Analytics show engaged customers and effective content
  • Content is now stored in a single repository
  • Struggling sales team members are easily identified and trained
  • Email and mobile device integration has made the sales cycle seamless