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Red Hat Middleware

Innovate faster and smarter with light-weight, cloud-friendly Red Hat middleware.

Innovate faster, in a smarter way with light-weight, cloud-friendly middleware

ISVs focused on accelerating product development, obtaining certification, and tapping into the opportunities created by Red Hat JBoss middleware can take advantage of the JBoss Middleware Zone.

Built around three pillars—Accelerate, Integrate, Automate—this program provides software access to drive your project and community support to solve challenges and establish your company presence within the ecosystem. As one of the most active and engaged partner programs, members can expect to collaborate with a wide range of companies to improve interoperability across management suites and other middleware components. The strong and growing membership helps strengthen the ecosystem in this space and increase opportunities for all program participants.

Harness the energy of a committed, dedicated collection of partners building solutions to resolve the top middleware challenges faced by enterprises and certify your solutions for heightened market recognition and extended customer reach. 

Discover why ISVs such as SAP or Hortonworks acknowledge the value that JBoss Middleware brings to their offerings and their customers. 

Benefits of partnering with Red Hat JBoss

The JBoss Middleware portfolio offers a world of possibilities to you and your customers. By becoming a Red Hat ISV Partner you get access to an extensive list of benefits on both the technical and business side to help you grow your business and improve your bottom line. 

By joining the program and self-certifying your solutions you can access a whole range of benefits, based on your joining the Ready, Advanced or Premier partner programs. Please go here for more information.

JBoss partner benefits

Choose your Go To Market strategy

Red Hat offers flexible integration and distribution options for our ISV partners. By adopting Red Hat products as part of your application stack, you can reduce your customers’ costs for proprietary operating system, middleware, and other solution components. Choose the go-to-market strategy that best meets your specific business model and market execution plans:

Red Hat technology is embedded into your solution, often in a manner transparent to your cus- tomers. You provide the first line of customer support and are responsible for distributing Red Hat updates to your customers. You receive significant reseller discounts in return for annual revenue commitments. Sign up to join the Red Hat Embedded Program to receive customized partnership benefits and speed your time to market.

Bundle resell
Red Hat technology is loosely coupled with your solution — typically via a separate installation proce- dure. Red Hat provides the first line of customer support and is responsible for distributing updates to your customers. You receive generous reseller discounts without making revenue commitments.

Certified influence partner
You certify your solution and recommend Red Hat technology. Your customers procure Red Hat solutions and support directly from Red Hat or an authorized Red Hat partner.

Certifying your solutions with JBoss Middleware

The Red Hat certification process for Red Hat JBoss® Middleware is based on certification tests defined by the application vendor. Partners conduct their own qualification tests and indicate the middleware platform(s) supported through a self-certification process. While the tests are determined by the application, they should be executed in both standalone and clustered modes. Applications should not modify or replace any of the libraries included in the Red Hat JBoss Middleware distribution.

What’s the value of Red Hat subscriptions?

Red Hat® JBoss® Middleware integrates software from various open source communities, including the JBoss community, Apache Software Foundation, and Eclipse Foundation, into robust, fully tested, integrated platforms available via subscriptions that include support and long-term maintenance. 
Visit the pages below to learn more about how you and your customer can benefit from Red Hat subscriptions!

Become a Partner and join the JBoss Middleware zone! 


A portfolio for developing, integrating, and automating enterprises

Innovate faster, in a smarter way with light-weight, cloud-friendly middleware
Adopt JBoss Middleware

Adopt JBoss Middleware

JBoss Middleware Technical Adoption is as simple as ABC:  Align, Build, and Certify.

Why certify on JBoss Middleware

Why certify on JBoss Middleware

Learn about JBoss benefits and how easy it is to certify.

A sample of JBoss Middleware Zone partners

Join the JBoss Middleware zone and take your solutions farther