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Validate your solutions on the latest Red Hat Enterprise Linux platforms.

Technology adoption helps our technology partners streamline, simplify, and centralize testing and certification activities within a single, unified partner program. Align with us, get certified, and increase your market visibility.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux adoption

You want your products deployed on a stable platform with enterprise support and a long lifecycle, to safeguard your technology investment.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux®, the premier enterprise Linux platform, is the ideal foundation for your solution. Used by 90% of the Fortune 500 companies, it is a trusted open platforn for even the most business-critical environments. The latest version, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, delivers dramatic improvements in reliability, performance, and scalability. Take advantage of RHEL 7 Technology Adoption and become part of the extensive global ecosystem of third-party solutions. We will walk you through the Technology Adoption process in three simple steps:

  • Align: Set up your company account to get insider access to the right people, tools and resources.
  • Build: Architectural guidance, proof-of-concept planning, and product development—backed by Red Hat’s world-class partner engineering team.
  • Certify: Validate your platform support and promote your product in the Red hat certified catalog.