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Deliver trusted solutions on the leading open Infrastructure-as-as-Service platform, RHEL OpenStack Platform.

As the industry embraces open cloud infrastructure, customers deploying OpenStack demand a robust and stable platform, and a broad ecosystem of commercial solutions that meet the security and supportability requirements of an enterprise cloud.

Red Hat fosters this ecosystem through technology certification. Partners can take advantage of a certification path tailored to their solution:

  • Hardware Systems: The servers hosting compute and controller nodes for the Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform.
  • Infrastructure: Core infrastructure services, such as networking or storage, integrated into the OpenStack architecture through drivers or plug-ins.
  • Management: Products that facilitate management and orchestration of cloud environments. Customers can use the 3rd party management solution of their choice for scalable private clouds, including deployment of Red Hat Enterprise Linux guests at scale.
  • Applications: Cloud-enabled software that takes advantage of OpenStack services, such as metering or virtual network functions.

What are the benefits?

Your certified product benefits from increased market demand, as customers require solutions that:

  • Have been tested and validated by Red Hat and partners
  • Implement or consume the right OpenStack interfaces, for optimal interoperability and longer lifecycle
  • Can be fully supported by either Red Hat or a Red Hat partner
  • Meet best practices for deployment and configuration

Products certified for Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform can take advantage of:

  • Presence on the certified catalog in Red Hat's Customer Portal
  • Usage of the Red Hat Certified logo
  • Participation in promotion activities for the OpenStack ecosystem
  • Collaborative workflow with Red Hat's Global Support Services

How do I certify my product?

If you are a hardware equipment manufacturer, certification is included in the Hardware Certification, as our OpenStack product is built on top of Red Hat Enterprise Linux and its virtualization technologies. Hardware servers certified for Red Hat Enterprise Linux are also considered certified compute nodes for Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform.

If you are a software vendor, but are not in our program yet, register now and join the OpenStack Zone.

If you are already a partner in the OpenStack Zone, follow the Technology Adoption link. We'll walk you through the steps needed to access the certification tool and engage with our certification review team.