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Adopt OpenStack

Let us help you deliver an enterprise-grade solution for the cloud.

As you position your company in the Infrastructure-as-a-Service market, you need to rely on an OpenStack platform that delivers the performance, scalability, and security that your customers demand.

Whether you provide infrastructure technology, management tools, or scale-out applications, Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform is the ideal foundation for your product. Through the OpenStack Zone, you will get access to resources and services to make your product part of the leading commercial OpenStack ecosystem. We will walk you through the Technology Adoption process in three simple steps:

  • Align: Set up your company account to get insider access to the right people, tools and resources.
  • Build: Architectural guidance, proof-of-concept planning, and product development—backed by Red Hat’s world-class partner engineering team.
  • Certify: Take advantage of the Red Hat certification service and promote your product in the Red hat certified catalog.