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Adopt JBoss Middleware

JBoss Middleware Technical Adoption is as simple as ABC:  Align, Build, and Certify.

When participating in the JBoss Middleware zone, you can nominate one or more of your solutions to take part in our technology adoption process designed to ensure that our products work well together and achieve Red Hat approved certification.

To achieve this, a collaborative and straightforward ABC process has been created with these steps:

  • Align: Access the people, systems, tools, and resources necessary to create an integrated solution.
  • Build: Utilize architectural guidance, proof-of-concept planning, and product development—backed by Red Hat’s world-class partner engineering team.
  • Certify: Take part in Red Hat’s approved certification process and publish your results in the Red Hat catalog.

Certification assures customers and prospects that your software solution has been verified to work with Red Hat JBoss Middleware products. The steps below will guide you through the process.