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Offer your enterprise customers all the benefits of container application delivery.

The industry is embracing containers as a more agile and streamlined model for application delivery. They offer a simple and efficient way to assemble, distribute and deploy software. These advantages make containers ubiquitous, easy to install with a one-line command. However, unfettered proliferation within the enterprise can turn into an operational headache. IT must ensure that all software meets the highest standards of security and supportability, and comes from trusted sources.

What are the benefits?

Certification brings peace of mind to our mutual customers. A solution stack that can be deployed with confidence, knowing that:

  • All components come from a trusted source
  • Platform packages have not been tampered with
  • Container image is free of known vulnerabilities in the platform components or layers
  • Container is compatible across Red Hat platforms, including OpenShift, whether on bare metal or a cloud environment
  • The complete stack is commercially supported by Red Hat and our partners

In addition to increased demand for your product, Red Hat Container Certification gives you access to benefits and resources such as:

  • Distribution and promotion via the Red Hat Container Catalog
  • Usage of the Red Hat Certified logo
  • Participation in ecosystem promotion activities

Ok, I am interested. What's the next step?

The way to engage and align your technology with Red Hat's OpenShift Container Platform is by completing the Red Hat Container Certification.