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How do I collaborate with Red Hat on customer support?

Red Hat offers partners participation in a collaborative support group. Through this group, partners can engage with Red Hat’s Global Support Services to assist troubleshooting of issues impacting mutual customers.

Why should ISVs choose to work with Red Hat on deploying applications via containers?

Red Hat has a proven track record of service and support for large enterprise customers, giving ISVs and their customers peace of mind that Red Hat can maintain the runtime environment. ISVs and their customers can trust that they are running a stable, reliable and secure runtime environment based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. ISVs can be assured that Red Hat will develop and foster a broad ecosystem of partners in this area, which will create a network effect and overall benefit for all ISVs who participate.

Red Hat is delivering all of the resources needed for the ISV to quickly containerize their application, including: Red Hat Enterprise Linux base container image, tooling for building application containers, and the infrastructure necessary to patch and maintain application containers. Red Hat is providing multiple container hosts for ISV application containers: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic Host, and Red Hat’s OpenShift Platform-as-a-Service offering.

Red Hat is providing a certification program that will give ISVs and customers the confidence that application containers built on Red Hat Enterprise Linux will operate correctly on all Red Hat container hosts. Red Hat is hosting an application container directory where customers can browse and discover new ISV solutions.

What's Red Hat's relationship with Docker the company

Docker the company provides services such as Docker Hub which focuses on the distribution of free and open source containers and developer consulting services. We see these as complementary capabilities to Red Hat's investment in the Docker the technology and our Certified Container Strategy.


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