Let us help you containerize your applications for optimal deployment on the Red Hat platform.

The emergence of modern packaging and orchestration standards is transforming the way applications are built, delivered, deploy and maintained.

At the core of this transformation are Linux Containers. They comprise two related concepts. First, a software packaging format -docker- that includes an application and all of its runtime dependencies. These containers are easy to deploy and portable across host systems because they provide a layer of abstraction and the complete application environment is included in the container. Second, containers are an application isolation capability on a host operating system. In Red Hat Enterprise Linux, the combination of Control Groups (cgroups), kernel namespaces and Security Enhanced Linux (SELinux) sVirt combine to provide enterprise ready containers.  The additional good news is that application isolation is achieved for free – you don't need to program for it. 

Linux Containers are part of the application foundation delivered in our platforms, from Red Hat Enterprise Linux -including Red Hat Enterprise Atomic Host- to Red Hat OpenShift. This foundation is enhanced by orchestration, management and application delivery services. For application providers, this means a consistent and trusted platform across the hybrid cloud.


Containerizing your applications

By joining the Containers Zone, you can access the resources and services to get your application ready for deployment and delivery as a container. This is done through three steps:

  • Align: Access the people, systems, tools, and resources necessary to create an integrated solution.
  • Build: Utilize architectural guidance, proof-of-concept planning, and product development—backed by Red Hat’s world-class partner engineering team.
  • Certify: Take part in Red Hat’s approved certification process and publish your results in the Red Hat catalog.

Certifying your application assures customers and prospects that your software solution has been validated and is supported on Red Hat container platforms, as indicated by the Red Hat Certified Technology logo. The rigorous policies help satisfy enterprise concerns about the readiness and reliability of mission-critical applications.