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Red Hat and Docker

Does Docker improve Linux portability by allowing containers to be moved across different Linux distributions?

While this is possible from a technology standpoint, providing support for containers across distributions is difficult. Red Hat has no plans to support Red Hat–based container images running on non–Red Hat hosts or non–Red Hat–based containers running on Red Hat hosts.

At a tactical level, what does the Red Hat and Docker partnership look like? How many Red Hatters are contributing code? Who are the committers?

Red Hat allocates a significant number of engineers to contribute to and shape the Docker project. According to Chris Dawson of THENEWSTACK in his posting, Who contributes to Docker development, Red Hat is the second most active contributor just below Docker (the company), with Red Hat employees represented by Project Atomic and Fedora cloud participants. In addition, Dan Walsh is a member of the Docker Governance Advisory Board (membership not yet public afaik https://www.docker.com/community/governance/). Commiters include:

  • Dan Walsh  - docker
  • Vincent Batts - docker
  • Alex Larson - docker
  • Mrunal Patel - libcontainer

What is Red Hat's relationship with Docker?

Red Hat is working with Docker to collaborate on the development of the upstream Docker technology as well as ensure mutual support and certification for customers using the Docker technology and containers. We also work together to ensure that industry standards exist for container technologies, including indexes and registries for Docker-formatted containers.

What/Who is Docker?

Docker can be used to refer to multiple things. Docker is:

  • a tool that can package an application and its runtime dependencies into a container.
  • a specific image format for containers.
  • a command that can manage (start, stop, update, configure) a container that is in Docker format.
  • a company: https://www.docker.io that provides an API and a central registry or index of containers
  • an open source project for the tools to create and run applications as a container

Docker offers technology that makes Linux containers easier to build, deploy, and update. Red Hat is collaborating with Docker (the company) on the development of the upstream Docker technology as well as complementary support and interoperability. 

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