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Red Hat Partner Link

Frequentyl asked questions


General information

Red Hat® Partner Link is a mobile application developed using Red Hat JBoss® Mobile Application Platform that gives Red Hat business partners direct access to the partner network and the ability to register deals on the go. Created in collaboration with Webonise, a worldwide mobile app development company, Red Hat Partner Link is designed to help grow partners’ Red Hat business and expand to new markets by matching partners based on business-type, skills, expertise, and location.

Red Hat Partner Link, being released as an app preview, includes the following core features:

  • On-the-go deal registration
  • Prevetted connections

While Red Hat Partner link includes fully functional features ready to be tested by real world users, launching it as an app preview—another word for beta—maximizes Red Hat’s ability to collect feedback that will shape future app iterations. Users can submit viability feedback, feature reviews, app store ratings, ideas for enhancements, and more.

The app development team will be proactively collecting feedback from users, push frequent fixes, and regularly schedule bug-fixing releases. The app will remain a preview until the general availability (GA) release in 2017.

Red Hat Partner Link gives you:

  • Direct access to trusted Red Hat business partners
  • Mobile deal registration capabilities

Red Hat Partner Link can be installed on any Android device manufactured after 2013 running Android 5 (Lollipop) or later, as well as iPhones manufactured after 5C running IOS 9.3.2 or later.

For information on how to get started, visit the Red Hat Partner Link how-to guide.

My profile

All company and contact information is pulled from Red Hat Connect for Business Partners. To update this information, please visit the Red Hat Connect for Business Partners portal.

Users can update Red Hat product expertise, industry, and certification information in the app settings.

No. Company and contact information is stored on the Red Hat Connect for Business Partners portal and is simply showcased on the app upon login. Only a user’s location, industry, area of focus, and notification preferences are stored in the app.

Red Hat respects users’ privacy, and information stored in Red Hat Partner Link is secure by design. More information about this topic is covered in the app privacy statements.

To edit notification preferences, navigate to the notifications tab in the app settings. App notifications can be disabled entirely using your device’s main settings.


Yes. All private conversations are encrypted and Red Hat does not have access to these conversations.

Red Hat Partner Link encourages partner collaboration for business. Red Hat is not responsible for user behavior or private messaging conversations on the app. Users can report unwanted user behavior by submitting feedback. More information about user conduct is available in the app terms of service and privacy policy.

Red Hat Partner Link’s main search function includes a natural language search processor that links tagged words from queries to contacts. Including more specific keywords can help users get specific results and promotes quality above quantity. Search results will steadily improve as more accounts are pushed to the app and more users search for new keywords.

Create a filter by navigating to advanced search to find partners based on type, Red Hat product expertise, and industry segment. Tap the advanced search option, apply different filters to any query, and save searches.

Deal registration

Red Hat Partner Link uses a streamlined form to optimize the deal registration process on mobile devices.

Yes. Expand form segments by tapping “view required info only" at the end of each section.

Regional features—including deal registration support—are steadily being built into Red Hat Partner Link. The app preview release supports North America as well as Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Users can help prioritize this process by submitting feedback .

The My Deals section shows all the Red Hat deal registration forms a user has submitted on mobile and on a desktop. Deal registration on Red Hat Partner Link uses a Red Hat deal registration form that shows only required fields, which optimizes the mobile experience. Users can show and hide additional deal registration fields by tapping the show all fields option.

Yes. Red Hat Partner Link has a save feature where users can draft and save partially completed deals for later submission.

Partner Support

Questions? We have answers.

Red Hat partner help desk staff is available around the world to answer questions about Red Hat Partner Link. Please submit a ticket for additional help, to log technical issues, identify bugs, or to submit suggestions for app enhancements.