Program Overview

Let’s Build Something Great Together

Welcome to Red Hat Partner Connect for technology partners program. The Program is designed for software, hardware, systems integrator and cloud hosting companies to align, build, test and certify products on the Red Hat portfolio.

Joining Partner Connect enables you to learn about Red Hat technology and receive help validating your products and solutions on Red Hat. Once validated, the Program facilitates market awareness for your products by publishing in Red Hat’s catalog as “Tried Tested Trusted” – the certification mark for Red Hat’s partner and customer ecosystem.

Overview & Benefits

Aligning with Red Hat, enables you to develop, integrate, deploy and deliver your company’s products and services to a wide ecosystem of commercial customers who demand enterprise class innovation, reliability, connectivity and performance.

Upon joining Partner Connect, you can learn about our technology portfolio, get insider access to program resources, request Red Hat products to test with your product(s), and ask for technical help from Red Hat. As you familiarize yourself with Red Hat technology and want tighter product integration with Red Hat, you can request access to specialized areas called Zones for privileged technical content. Zones are also where you will begin to validate your products with Red Hat. Getting your products validated as Red Hat Certified Technology, is the gold standard for Red Hat’s “Tried, Tested Trusted” enterprise approach to our customers. Once certified, you can drive market awareness for your products through publishing in Red Hat’s Partner Catalog.

Red Hat Partner Connect core benefits

The Partner Connect program opens the door to an array of services and benefits.
No-Cost Red Hat Software
Receive software subscriptions to Red Hat’s products to assist in product development, testing, product certification and internal employee training. 
Technical Assets
Gain access to knowledge guides, FAQ’s and technical office hours can be scheduled with our technical teams.

Marketing Resources 
Validated products are promoted in the Red Hat Catalog and partners have access to solution briefs, product webinars, social media updates, select field events.  

Product Certification
Through a workflow, partner products are tested against Red Hat standards for integration and supportability through a combination of tools and review services.

Partner Training
Get the tools needed to build skills that can generate more sales, while enhancing customer satisfaction. Our courses are built to prepare companies for today’s market.

Zone Privileges
Access specialized partner area aligned to a Red Hat Initiative or Business Unit with the goal of helping validate and certify product(s) on Red Hat technology.