Program Overview

Red Hat Connect for Technology Partners is for technology companies that build solutions that run on, or integrate with, Red Hat’s product portfolio. This program includes the tools, guidance, and relationships to help partners develop, test, and certify products and solutions for commercial deployment.

Red Hat strives to build and strengthen partner relationships through a variety of resources ranging from architectural guidance, solution development, and co-marketing activities. Together we can establish a healthy, thriving ecosystem that produces solid, reliable solutions to meet the demanding IT requirements of enterprises.

Open and collaborative ecosystems: Become a member

Upon joining, all organizations can participate in the program as a member company, with access to a growing set of technical resources. Learn about Red Hat products and initiatives, obtain expert guidance, and interact with other ecosystem members and Red Hat employees.

Member companies can stay current on the latest trending Red Hat product announcements, events, resources, and activities relevant to product planning and development. You also gain entry into the world’s broadest open ecosystem, consisting of innovative technology companies spanning a variety of geographies and industries. We welcome your active participation in all of the various offerings in the member area.

Follow your interests: Become a partner, join a zone

Within this program, you can focus on ecosystem activities and alignment in areas we call Zones. Zones offer an effective way for member companies to become an official Red Hat Technology Partner and to participate in specialized areas of interest such as:

  • Integration with the Red Hat product portfolio
  • Emerging technologies (including Containers, Network Function Virtualization, and more)
  • Industry initiatives (such as the Internet of Things and Big Data)

Use Zones to make connections with Red Hat thought leaders and subject-matter experts. You’ll acquire the skills and expertise to enhance your products and build complete solutions that address enterprise challenges and innovate around leading technologies.

Each Zone offers unique program assets and benefits, as well as recommended practices to steer your engineering efforts in a direction that will improve solution marketability and help you reach new customers worldwide.

Keep on the lookout for new Zones rolling out in support of new products, technologies, and industry initiatives from Red Hat.

Explore Zones

It’s as easy as ABC: Align, Build, and Certify

When participating in a Zone, you can nominate one or more of your solutions to take part in our technology adoption process designed to ensure that our products work well together and achieve Red Hat approved certification. The collaborative ABC process includes these steps:

  • Align: Access the people, systems, tools, and resources necessary to create an integrated solution.
  • Build: Utilize architectural guidance, proof-of-concept planning, and product development—backed by Red Hat’s world-class partner engineering team.
  • Certify: Take part in Red Hat’s approved certification process and publish your results in the Red Hat catalog.

Certification assures customers and prospects that your software or hardware solution has been validated and is supported on Red Hat’s platform, as designated by a Red Hat Certified Technology logo. The rigorous policies help satisfy enterprise concerns about the readiness and reliability of mission-critical applications.

Explore Activities

Choose your path: Tighter integration with Red Hat

Engineering engagements, recommended practices, technology enablement, and development resources help build tighter alignment with Red Hat platforms and components.

  • Early access offers a head start on the adoption of Red Hat’s emerging technologies, with access to tools, support, information, and software—before your customers get them.
  • Technology adoption enables alignment, testing, and certification on generally available Red Hat products.

Better together: Making and strengthening connections

Being an integral part of a worldwide ecosystem based on the Red Hat portfolio can elevate your company’s stature and help you broaden your addressable market. Certified products gain visibility in the marketplace and stronger product positioning—recognized as being secure and enterprise ready.

Red Hat Connect for Technology Partners is all about making connections. Connections with people. Connections to the latest technologies. Connections to information. Connections to activities. All of these are connections to help enable market opportunities provided by a growing ecosystem. Experience the value of our open-membership program and build with technologies that take your solution to the next level.

At a glance: Program highlights