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SolutionSoft Systems

Location: United States

URL: http://www.solution-soft.com

Solution-Soft is the leader in Intelligent Data Optimization (IDO) Solutions. Our Intelligent Data Optimization solutions facilitate application testing, automated data selection, compression, movement and redirection to optimize high availability, storage scalability, application deployment and system performance.Our IDO Solutions are widely utilized by Global 500 companies for optimization within their data centers, testing mission critical application deployments, semiconductor tape-out processing, & enterprise wide data consolidation.Founded in 1993 to provide storage management software, Solution-Soft has expanded its business to incorporate a broad range of system platforms and management solutions. Our products include:

  • Time & date simulation solutions for global time-zone normalization as well as future & past date testing.
  • Automated storage optimization and high-availability solutions
  • Intelligent compression solutions for storage and network optimization
  • Intelligent, high-availability network transfer solutions
  • Automated storage capacity management solutions

Our products are designed to operate in heterogeneous enterprise environments including Windows, Unix (HP-UX, Oracle Sun Solaris, IBM AIX), and Linux.Solution-Soft boasts more than 2000 domestic and international customers including 47 of the Fortune 100 companies. Customers include AT&T, Boeing, Hewlett-Packard and 3M.





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