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Glossary of Terms



Also known as a partner company's Org Admin, an individual from a partner company who is able to join zones, sign partner agreements, and manage the people associated with the company.



And unregistered or unauthenticated visitor to the Red Hat Connect website. 



Software which is still undergoing development or testing and has not yet been officially released as a supported final version; some betas may only be made available to a select partners via Early Access activities, while other beta projects may be available to the whole ecosystem.



A Red Hat process by which a partner product or service is tested according to predefined policies and workflow. Results are reviewed and approved by Red Hat, and the solution stack is recognized as fully supported for commercial use.


Certified Technology

The designation from Red Hat referring to a product or service which has successfully completed the certification process and has been approved by Red Hat. These products or services may use the Red Hat Connect certification logo, which can be found in the Resource Library. Also see Certification.


Cloud Provider

A company that offers some component of cloud computing, typically Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), or Platform as a Service (Paas) to other businesses or individuals.


Collaborative Support

Product and technical support cooperation between Red Hat and partner companies which have Red Hat approved certified products, technologies, or services; provides unique customer confidence in the partnership and integration. Also see TSANet.



Linux Containers that are sometimes referred to in the industry as Docker containers.


Customer Portal

Red Hat web destination for customers designed to deliver knowledge, expertise, and guidance for supporting Red Hat subscription - found here.



The Red Hat Connect web pages that house the current status, information, activities and updates for a particular company (member, partner) or user (individual), and includes the ability to drive knowledge, exchange, and information updates through the various actions the company or user may make.



Used in the context of Software Access to designate a partner’s usage of Red Hat subscription software for the sole purpose of providing customer viewing and understanding of the partner’s product, technology or solution running with, on or in Red Hat products and technologies


Early Access

A Red Hat Connect zone activity where partners may request access to beta software. Also see Partner Early Access Process (PEAP).



An outcome of a product platform whereby a its core components are complemented and expanded by additional products, technologies, services, and solutions creating a substantial increase in value for all participating organizations – partners and customers.


Embedded program

A licensing and marketing arrangement where a partner distributes Red Hat products within an integrated solution; program provides information, relationship management, pricing/SKUs as well as guidance and support for partners focusing in this model. More information can be found at partner.redhat.com.



An authorization by Red Hat to access software for a specific company account holding a current subscription. Entitlements are needed for access control, in lieu of license for our open source products. Red Hat Connect partners can request entitlements through the website or within a specific zone.



Used in context of Software Access to designate a partner’s usage of Red Hat subscription software for the sole purpose of judgment and analysis – not production usage of the free software subscription.


Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

A list of commonly asked Red Hat Connect questions with complementary answers (See here). Each zone has a private FAQ listing as well.


Generally available (GA)

A stable, commercially viable, and supported offering which has passed all earlier release stages and believed to be reliable, free of serious bugs and suitable for use in production systems.



An activity, offering, program or some other element which is includes all areas across the world where Red Hat conducts business and outreach.


Global Partner Agreement (GPA)

Contract governing behavior of all Red Hat Partners worldwide



A team of Red Hat associates who assist Red Hat Connect users when they need to solve non-technical, program-related operational issues.


Independent Hardware Vendor (IHV)

A hardware-manufacturing company that specializes in a specific type of hardware device, possibly along with software components, though not considered a complete computer system.


Independent Software Vendor (ISV)

A company specializing in making and selling software designed for commercial sale in the market.


Member Partner

The participation status within Red Hat Connect for a company that does not yet have a Global Partner Agreement (GPA) in place.


Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

A legal contract between Red Hat and Partners that outlines confidential material, knowledge or information that the parties wish to share with one another for certain purposes, but wish to restrict access to or by third parties. Red Hat roadmaps and other confidential materials shared via Red Hat Connect access are considered confidential under the non-disclosure terms included in the Global Partner Agreement (GPA).


Not for Resale (NFR)

Term used to describe a type of software subscription provided to Red Hat partners tailored for non-production use such as development, test, and demonstration.



Engaging and enabling a company to appropriately join the Red Hat Connect program as a member or partner in good standing with all of the access and benefits available to them as a profiled and active participant; uses the Red Hat Connect system and workflow to ensure identity, profiling, and access rights.


Original Design Manufacturer (ODM)

A company which designs and manufactures products as specified and eventually rebranded by another firm for commercial sale.


Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

A company that brands and markets full computer systems under their own brand.


Partner Center

Red Hat web destination for business partners providing authorized access for sales, marketing, training and operations tools designed to assist in the selling, servicing and support of Red Hat products and solutions for joint success; can be found here.


Partner Company

Company participation status within Red Hat Connect; requires nomination, contractual agreement(s), and is the path to deep adoption and Red Hat Technology Certification.


Partner Early Access Process (PEAP)

An organized set of activities with an approved and managed set of partners for the purpose of engaging in marketing, technical, relationship and certification efforts prior to the launch or general availability of a particular product from Red Hat. Red Hat Connect will be managing these within the zones, and allows for early ecosystem building to occur prior to shipping/general availability of the product.


Partner Engineering Team (PET)

The group of technical professionals within the Red Hat Connect team assisting partners in a 1:many model with technical adoption activities that lead to approved application certifications.


Partner Manager

Responsible for building, maintaining, and managing successful relationships with current and prospective partners; may be used in conjunction with technical engagement (RHC4TP) or in business, sales or alliance (RHC for Business Partners).


Partner Program

Red Hat’s ecosystem program for engaging 3rd party companies in business, marketing and technical alignment for the purpose of generating mutual value.



Information specific to the needs of RHC4TP and includes data related to the company, individual users and roles, product, project and additional demographic and business alignment and goals.


Program Brief

A shortened description of the RHC4TP.


Program Guide

Descriptive document which highlights the features, benefits, requirements, operations, definitions and expectations of and for a company participating in RHC4TP.



An identified and committed task from a partner company aligning their technology, product or service that leads to adoption and certification with Red Hat products..



The last step in the certification process and workflow which results in the listing of a certified product, technology or service in the Red Hat Catalog.


Red Hat Catalog

Red Hat’s online location for aggregated lists of certified products, technologies and services.


Red Hat Connect (RHC)

Red Hat’s umbrella brand for partner programs


Red Hat Connect for Business Partners (RHC4BP)

Red Hat’s program to engage Business Partners


Red Hat Connect for Technology Partners (RHC4TP)

Red Hat’s program to engage Technology Partners


Red Hat Network (RHN)

A family of systems management services operated by Red Hat that makes updates, patches and bug fixes of packages included in RHEL available to subscribers; unique ID’s are assigned and allow for automatic systems updates and information; used by RHC4TP to ensure Software Access tracking and access.


Red Hat Network Login

The portion of the workflow which requires a user to authenticate credentials for access to Red Hat Network and subscription management.



Renewals relate to the re-occurrence of a Red Hat subscription for an new period of time.



The process for business partners to renew their membership in the RHC for Business Partners on a yearly basis. RHC4TP does not require this activity.



Acronym for Red Hat Connect for Technology Partners (connect.redhat.com).



Web destination for Red Hat Connect for Technology Partners – both members & partners.



Identified positions within a member or partner company which performs a known function in the administration and execution of the gives & gets within RHC4TP; users who have a consistent title and responsibility in RHC4TP participation.



A declaration from partners that their product meets their own criteria for interoperability and function with Red Hat products; Red Hat does not review or validate the test process but does collect this information and recognizes it via published listings


Software Access

Process by which RHC4TP grants Red Hat software to partners for use in development, evaluation, testing and certification under the terms of the Technology Partner Appendix; this also describes the presentation of the software within RHCOnline and is the preferred term for this benefit.



Combination of Red Hat product(s) and one or more Red Hat approved certified partner products from one or more vendors and when combined solves a customer business problem; may also apply to technologies.



A partner company that is newly assembled.



Red Hat model which provides time-bound access to software.



Pre/Post sales or adoption services provided by Red Hat’s Customer Experience and Engagement organization OR from within RHC4TP in solving technical conflicts/problems, supplying updates/patches or general assistance for product or program aspects.



Group of users of the same partner company who have common interest related to aligned adoption projects.


Technical Adoption Process (TAP)

The workflow associated with the alignment, building and certification of a third party product, technology or service within RHC4TP; this work is done by technology partners in conjunction with a series of steps (managed and unmanaged) for the purpose of creating an identified and certified technology.


Technology Partner

A company delivering and supporting a commercial product or service.


Technology Partner Appendix

Legal terms and conditions for RHC4TP; included with the Red Hat Global Partner Agreement.



TSANet is an independent cross-vendor support organization. It provides the business and technical framework to establish bi-directional support processes, enabling partners' and Red Hat's support team members a common platform for engaging on mutual customer issues.



Individual which belongs to a member or partner company and has an associated identity and role with their respective company.



As part of the RHC4TP program, zones are a destination for users and partners to activate and engage with Red Hat, peers and SME’s around a specific product, technology and/or initiative for the purpose of technical alignment, adoption and/or certification.


Zone Partner Addendum

Additional terms and conditions addendum that partner companies must agree to for participating is certain RHC4TP Zone. Not required for all zones.