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Distance Learning Program - OpenShift infrastructure

Audience: Delivery, Technical Seller

Technical Bootcamp Overview PDFThe Distance Learning Program - OpenShift infrastructure shows attendees the benefits, architecture, installation, and operational management of Red Hat's Container Platform OpenShift.
During the DLP, attendees will learn how to present, design, and architect an OpenShift installation on-premise and on different public clouds.
The main focus is on the infrastructure of OpenShift. There is only a very brief overview of development topics.
The Program is suitable for beginners and also for people with previous knowledge about other container orchestration solutions.
After each 2-hour session each week, it is recommended to complete the self-paced online content in order to get the most out of the program and finish it with an accreditation.

More details:
Please see the overview PDF-> for further information.


  • Attendees need some basic understanding of Linux, Networking, and Container environments.
  • You need to have an active Red Hat Partner Account to access the Red Hat Partner Training Portal. If you do have questions in regards to this please check our "How to Guide"-> or contact the EMEA Partner Team->


  • After attending the Distance Learning Program, you will know how to architect and install an OpenShift environment, explain CRI-O, Istio, and other “state of the art” tools to manage, observe and meter OpenShift.
  • You will also be able to explain the integration of development tools, the options, and how to install applications from other vendors on OpenShift (e.g. IBM, SAP, Microsoft).

Training Schedule

Event Type
06 Nov - 04 Dec 2023
Online instructor-led

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