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Advanced Red Hat OpenShift Sales Workshop

Audience: Seller

The Advanced Red Hat OpenShift Sales Workshop is part of the Learning Path Red Hat Sales Specialist - Red Hat OpenShift III->
To register for the Advanced Sales Workshop you have to enroll in the Learning Path within Red Hat Partner Connect / OPEN and fulfill all prerequisites. Upon completing the prerequisites you can manually register for the Advanced Sales Workshop within the Learning Path.

The instructor-led Advanced Red Hat OpenShift Sales Workshop is focused on helping learners overcome REAL world challenges our sellers encounter in the field. Prior to the workshop, learners will put together a unique call plan using real customer data to work with during the entire session. This data will be for the learner only and NOT be shared with the class. 

During the workshop, learners can expect to use the training materials along with competitive role-play, teach-back, and other methods to review and improve upon sales discovery, objection handling, value pitch, and much more! 
After the workshop, learners will be required to complete a customer post call using their call plan and notes from the workshop with the goal being to identify new pipeline opportunities. 

Products / Areas Covered:

  • Red Hat OpenShift, Red Hat Application Services, and Red Hat Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure
Advanced Sales Workshop Introduction Video Thumbnail

Red Hat Advanced Sales Workshops are high-touch instructor-led trainings designed for Red Hat’s most experienced partner sales professionals. Learn to drive more productive customer conversations, discover new sales opportunities, close deals faster, and improve subscription renewals to hit your sales targets and maximize your deals: Watch the video->


Day 1 - 2
09:30 | Start
13:30 | Closing

Time zone: CET (Central European Time) / CEST (Central European Summer Time)

Training Schedule

Event Type
04 - 05 Oct 2023
Online instructor-led

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