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Red Hat SaaS Foundations is a program designed for building enterprise-grade Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions on Red Hat OpenShift® or Red Hat Enterprise Linux platforms, and deploying them across multiple cloud and non-cloud footprints. Partners can build applications more easily, go to market faster, and accelerate revenue - with increased flexibility to manage costs.

Why is SaaS important?

The nature of SaaS – making applications available to end users and organizations without the need to install and manage software and infrastructure – makes SaaS very attractive.

A service provider is able to offer access to applications on a subscription basis, with their software often hosted in the cloud. Operating the application for many customers simultaneously allows the service provider to achieve economies of scale that wouldn’t be possible for organizations trying to install and operate the application on their own. Container and cloud technologies help SaaS service providers respond quickly to accommodate growing demand for their applications.

Users of SaaS-based applications usually don’t need anything more than a web browser or a mobile device and can often start using the application as soon as their account is created. For consumers of SaaS-based applications, the total cost of ownership is much lower and easier to manage in the form of pay-as-you-go subscriptions.

Program benefits of SaaS Foundations

The Red Hat SaaS Foundations program has three important pillars for offering a SaaS service: development, sales and marketing, and cost management.

The benefits include:

Access to SaaS experts

Get the maximum benefit from using Red Hat’s portfolio of products for your SaaS solutions through our content and discussion with our experts.

Developer resources

Access to no-cost developer subscriptions, online labs, and Red Hat partner training enable your team to create or transition your application to a SaaS environment.

Co-branding opportunities

Participating in this program allows you the opportunity to co-brand your solution with Red Hat and leverage Red Hat’s marketing teams and platforms.

Flexible consumption

With multiple buying models, affordable discounts, and allowances for freemium and non-revenue use cases, building SaaS solutions has never been easier.

Red Hat for your SaaS solutions


Expansive portfolio

Accelerate your time-to-market with industry-leading platforms such as Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and a complementary set of integration, automation, and development products.

Enterprise-grade capabilities

Get security, high availability, and disaster recovery out-of-the-box. Focus on your app features rather than on the infrastructure.

Open source

Obtain maximum flexibility, lower costs and modification without being locked into an unchangeable codebase.

24/7 customer support

Red Hat’s support organization will backstop you with the assistance you need for running your SaaS application 24/7x365.

The Importance of a flexible hybrid cloud

The Red Hat recommended practice is to build your SaaS apps once and deploy them anywhere they are needed: across multiple clouds (e.g AWS, Azure, IBM© Cloud) and/or on premise. Utilizing hyperscalers is a great approach for deploying a SaaS platform. Your customers will require your SaaS app to be hosted where their data is hosted, often which country the data is in, and may require redundancy amongst the hyperscalers. While feasible, building a unique implementation per hyperscaler is not efficient.

Beyond SaaS

As you build your SaaS solutions, you’ll want platforms with secure and reliable capabilities that integrate well with your application.

Learn about these complementary capabilities and resources you have available:

Additional resources

As you continue to explore and learn more about Red Had SaaS Foundations, here are some useful articles and guides for implementing the solution.

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