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How to open a certification support case

For any issues with certifying your product or help with your already certified product, please open a support case on the Red Hat Customer Portal. For all other questions, please reach out to the Technology Partner Support Desk.

To open a support case:

  1. Log into: Red Hat Customer Portal
  2. Click on Support Cases located on white bar located at the top of the page.
  3. Click the Open a Support Case button
  4. Complete the Support Case Form with special attention to the following fields:
    • - From the Product field, select the Red Hat product related to your zone.
    • - From the Product Version field, select the version of the Red Hat product.
    • - In the Case Type field, select Certification.
    • - In the Problem Statement field, add a brief description of the issue.
    • - In the Case Description field, add specific details of the encountered issue. If you have a screen shot of the error, please include it in your ticket.
  5. Once you have opened your case, the support team will respond via updates to the ticket. You can also view all of your Support Cases.

Do you have any questions about certification? We're here to help.