Top 10 Reasons to Be a Red Hat Technology Partner

We believe in the power of partnership

Red Hat’s investment in the partner model is built into our DNA.  The company itself was founded on the premise of an open, collaborative community striving to reach common goals and vision.  When our partners succeed, we all succeed.

Two companies working together can deliver more value for customers than either could on its own.  Multiply this by thousands of relationships built over the years.  The result is a network of influence to not only populate a catalog of certified solutions, but to build a cascade of knowledge that advances the industry into an even more promising future.

This is not only about making connections, it’s about bringing those connections closer together – not just with Red Hat, but with other members of the partner community in an integrative ecosystem.

How you participate in the Red Hat Partner Connect program is up to you.  We provide a rich set of program resources and opportunities to empower our partners – from small startups to global solution providers – to help shape the emerging generation of information technology.

Top 10 reasons to be a Red Hat Partner Connect technology partner

  1. Build with the open source leader
    Red Hat is the world’s top provider of commercial IT enterprise open source technologies.  More than 90% of the Fortune 500 use Red Hat products and solutions.  When you partner with us, you align with a trusted brand.
  2. Financial strength
    On our 25th year in business, Red Hat annual revenues are more than $2 billion.  With year-over-year growth, acquisitions and new offerings, Red Hat is a strong bet to partner with.
  3. Enterprise-grade technologies
    Gartner estimates that by 2020, 90 percent of IT organizations will be using open source software.  Red Hat’s trusted technologies, such as the leading Linux operating system, form the engine for enterprises to achieve digital transformation the open source way.
  4. Software access
    Streamline development and speed your product to market with developer tools and no-cost Red Hat software subscriptions.
  5. Technical assets
    Access an extensive library of partner-exclusive information to expand your knowledge of Red Hat products and technologies.
  6. Access to Zones
    Get privileged access to information and activities targeted to specific Red Hat products, partner types or emerging technologies.
  7. Product certifications
    Collaborate with Red Hat to offer your customers a complete stack that has been tried and tested and is backed by enterprise support.
  8. Marketing resources
    Raise your market profile with co-branded solution briefs, events, publication in the Red Hat catalog, and branding with the certified Red Hat technology logo.
  9. Flexible partnering
    Choose how and to what level you participate in the program.  As your engagement with Red Hat technologies grows, so do the benefits.
  10. A strong partner ecosystem
    Red Hat’s thriving partner network includes some of the biggest names in hardware, software, cloud, and business solutions. Our communities and tools connect you with other partners to jointly solve customer challenges, share Red Hat-integrated solutions, or access the many technologies that Red Hat has certified.

Something for everyone

The Red Hat Partner Connect program benefits partners, customers and Red Hat alike.

Technology companies that partner with Red Hat:

  • Gain market acceptance and sales traction with Red Hat’s customer base.
  • Reduce technical and operational risk and cost by validating on Red Hat platforms.
  • Benefit from a transparent, standardized, and efficient engagement process with Red Hat.

Partner companies’ customers:

  • Gain more choices in Red Hat and open source solutions through partner offerings.
  • Get more value from Red Hat software subscriptions with pre-tested third-party products.
  • Reduce time to market with proven, certified software to address their business needs.

Red Hat:

  • Boosts adoption of emerging and generally available Red Hat technologies.
  • Reaches new markets and creates new revenue with complete, end-to-end solution stacks.
  • Drives market visibility, preference and sales through joint Red Hat/partner success stories.

Whether your company is a small start-up or huge corporation, everybody who joins is a full technology partner with equal opportunity to contribute to the ecosystem and make something great together.  If you’re not already a billion-dollar company, we’d like to help you become one.


November 29, 2018


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