Being an innovator and maintaining your competitive edge in today’s modern technology world is not easy. 

Determining how to help your customers, learn and master new trends and navigate the seemingly never ending world of technology choices can make any technology company dizzy.

Red Hat is a company that understands all of this, and has created Red Hat Connect for Technology Partners to create a framework for successful product and platform collaboration.

Two companies working together can deliver greater value for customers than they can on their own.  Multiplying this by thousands of those relationships over a number of years creates a network effect not only for a valuable catalog of solutions, but also the combined knowledge of an ecosystem that moves the industry ahead together.

This is not only about making connections, it’s about bringing those connections closer together – not just with Red Hat, but with other members of the partner community.

Proven track records, and well understood integration points with our partners is a part of the equation that is more than just numbers on a page - it’s an intangible that is an invaluable asset.

Red Hat’s investment in the partner model is baked into our DNA.  The company itself was founded on the premise of an open, collaborative community striving to reach common goals and vision.  Our success has been our partner’s success, and the investment in this model will never stop.

Red Hat Connect for Technology Partners ties the essence of the original company vision of community together with a commercial partner ecosystem that drives unique customer value greater than any single member could deliver alone. 

How you participate in our program is up to you.  We’ll provide the standard set of program deliverables, but we’ll also go above and beyond to create unique opportunities for our partners.  Whether you are a small startup or a global provider of solutions, we treat each and every one of our partners as if they were the only one.

Isn’t that what a partner program should be all about?

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