We have a vision in mind.  Do you share it?

Red Hat’s product portfolio is shaped with today and tomorrow in mind.  When it comes to a customers unique IT needs, there is not a one size fits all approach, and many enterprises are looking for a flexible and scalable platform that extends from on-premise, physical solutions to the public cloud. 

The vision of an open, hybrid cloud is a key element of the Red Hat strategy, with Red Hat Enterprise Linux as the foundation across every deployment model.

The partner opportunity with Red Hat is the alignment with a strategy and product portfolio which spans across the full spectrum; reducing development costs, speeding time to deployment by allowing a solution to penetrate more deeply across a customer’s IT footprint where Red Hat Enterprise Linux is present.

Engaging with Red Hat, and certifying solutions with our product portfolio creates additional opportunities with new customers who are moving to the open hybrid model. 

Red Hat Connect for Technology Partners helps our partners maximize the opportunity to deliver a more supportable solution for customers, no matter where they fall on the deployment continuum.