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Red Hat Announces Pathway to Enterprise-Ready Linux Containers

"Red Hat, Inc., the world's leading provider of open sourcesolutions, today announced the launch of the first certified, end-to-end ecosystem program for Linux containersbased on Docker, a key component of the company’s vision for containerized applications unveiled in March 2014. Leveraging Red Hat’s vast network of thousands of partners and independent software vendors (ISVs),this ecosystem program is designed to enable the design, development and delivery of certified, trusted and secure application containers to end users through a set of industry standards, including the Docker container format and the Docker Engine."



Underpinning this effort is Red Hat Connect for Technology Partners, a newoverarching partner program designed to accelerate a vibrant ecosystem of technology companies whose solutions run on or integrate with Red Hat products, starting with containers.

Participating partners will gain access to the Red Hat Container Development Kit (CDK), a collection of tools and resources that enabledevelopers to easily build and maintain containerized applications based on Docker for the Red Hat ecosystem.

As part of Red Hat’s vision for certified, trusted Linux containers, these certification tools deliver the Red Hat Container Certification, which verifies that a container’s content is from trusted sources and that both it and the container itself are secure, free of known vulnerabilities, and will work on Red Hat infrastructure - enabling arobust end-to-end solution that is fully supported by Red Hat and its partners. 

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March 12, 2015



Raleigh, NC