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Joining the program

How do I become a technology partner?

Joining is an easy, online registration process.  Your company is the partner, and you can add any number of users to that company account.  Visit the partner portal page at connect.redhat.com, click “Join the program,” and follow the sign-up process.  You’ll be prompted by confirmation emails along the way.

  1. Find out if your company already has a Red Hat Partner Connect account. Just search our partner list to see if your company is already a member of the Red Hat Partner Connect program as a technology partner company or a business partner.

    • If your company is already registered within Red Hat Partner Connect, have your company’s Primary User add you as a user.
    • If your company is not registered with Red Hat Partner Connect, you will add your company as a partner and then add users to that account.
  2. Designate one or more Primary Users on the company account. The Primary Users will be the main points of contact for your company’s relationship with Red Hat Partner Connect, particularly regarding the partner agreement and software downloads.

  3. Tell us about yourself so we can best support you. Fill in simple forms to build your individual profile – and company and product profiles, if that is not already done.

  4. Get deeper into the technology. Apply to access one or more Zones if you want access to insider resources for specific technologies, such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux or Red Hat OpenShift + Containers.  Review and acceptance of Zone applications is usually completed within 48 hours.

  5. Set a course toward certifying your product(s).  Once you’re in a Zone, you can set up a project and access workflows and other resources to guide you toward product certification.

Can I join the partner program as a freelance or moonlighting developer?

To provide the most productive and relevant partner experience, we have tailored the Red Hat Partner Connect program for companies that create or sell enterprise software solutions built on Red Hat technologies.

For individual developers, Red Hat offers the Red Hat Developer Program, which provides access to software, know-how, and easy-to-use Red Hat technologies for building next-generation applications.

For more about the Red Hat Developer Program:
Email: developers@redhat.com.
Web: https://developers.redhat.com

Are there different membership tiers in the Red Hat Partner Connect program?

We do not rank technology partners by company size or sales volume. Whether your company is a small start-up or huge corporation, everybody is a full technology partner with equal opportunity to contribute to the ecosystem and make something great together. If you’re not already a billion-dollar company, we’d like to help you become one.

What legal obligations are associated with being a technology partner?

When signing up your company for the technology partner program,
a designated representative – generally your Red Hat Primary User – will review and sign the Red Hat Technology Partner Agreement (TPA). This contract covers technology partner terms and conditions as well as non-disclosure. All new technology partners sign this agreement even if your company already has an non-disclosure agreement on file with Red Hat for other purposes.

Since some of the program benefits require confidentiality protection, we do ask partners to agree to the terms of the Red Hat partner agreement. The key provisions of this agreement are:

  • Access to Red Hat’s products and intellectual property is for development and testing, not for activities outside the scope of the agreement.
  • Partners will use partner program and Red Hat certification marks as intended and as defined in the program agreement.
  • Partners will have insider access to information and software that may be Red Hat confidential and agree to keep that information confidential.
  • The agreement auto-renews each year.
  • Partners can leave the program anytime but must discontinue using the partner program branded materials and refer to being a Red Hat partner.
  • Partners maintain their own business and liability insurance.

When entering a special-interest technology Zone that has its own addendum,
a designated representative – again, generally a Primary User – will electronically sign that addendum.

How do I find out who my company’s Primary User(s) are?

This information is a few clicks away from most anywhere on the Red Hat Partner Connect program website for technology partners:

  1. When logged into the Red Hat Partner Connect portal as a technology partner, click on the login status at the upper right of the screen – your icon, avatar or the welcome message.
  2. From the drop-down menu, select “Company Dashboard,” and scroll to “Users.”
  3. Check the “User Type” column to find Primary Users among your company’s registered users.

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