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What does it mean to be Red Hat certified?

Certification assures customers and prospects that your software or hardware solution has been tested, validated, and is supported on Red Hat’s platform – reliable and enterprise-ready.

There are three tiers of certification:

  • Self-validation or “primed,” a declaration from a partner that its product meets its own criteria for interoperability and function with Red Hat products. Red Hat does not review or validate the test process but does collect this information and recognizes it via published listings in our product catalog.
  • Certification, indicating a product that has been tried, tested, trusted, and approved by Red Hat and is backed by enterprise support.

The certification process varies by Zone and product category but generally includes:

  • An automated test suite
  • Step-by-step workflows to organize and track the certification process
  • Access to review service, including development of test plans suited to your system
  • Listing on the certified catalog in Red Hat's Customer Portal

Certification tools are already included in the software available to partners. Just request software access pertaining to the Zone that interests you. The steps needed to install and configure the tool for a specific certification are described in a corresponding user guide in our resource library.

What happens after our product is certified?

After your software product or related component has successfully completed the Red Hat certification process, we support your go-to-market efforts by:

  • Publishing your product in the Red Hat product catalog, which reaches a vast audience
  • Providing a “Red Hat certified” logos to help promote your product
  • Providing support for co-branded product promotions such as solution brief and press release
  • Offering free TSANet communication accounts for collaborative Red Hat/partner support

How much does it cost to certify my product?

Red Hat certification is offered at no cost to our partners. We all benefit from a robust ecosystem.

How do I find products that have been certified?

In the Red Hat certified catalog, part of our Customer Portal.

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