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What if I have very specific technology interests and intend to seek certification?

That’s where Zones come in. Zones are special-interest areas for partners of varying types to get privileged access to information and activities.  You get insider access to resources such as product road maps, how-to guides, early access to product functionality for testing, and contact with product technical teams to get your questions answered.

As of January 2019, Red Hat Partner Connect offers five Zones for technology partners:

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Zone for partners who are building solutions to run on the industry’s leading Linux platform

  • Red Hat OpenShift + Container Zone for partners who want to offer their products as Red Hat-certified images for faster application delivery, lower development costs, and simpler support and maintenance.

  • Red Hat OpenStack and NFV Zone for partners who want to ensure interoperability of their products with OpenStack technology products, including for Network Function Virtualization.

  • Red Hat Middleware Zone for partners who want to innovate faster and smarter with lightweight, cloud-friendly Red Hat middleware

  • Red Hat Ansible Zone for partners seeking to automate software provisioning, configuration management and application deployment to free DevOps teams for more strategic work

We will continue to add new zones for other products in the Red Hat portfolio, as well as for vertical specializations, partner types, and solution categories.  We welcome ideas from partners on new zones of interest.

What insider resources are available to Zone members?

Each Zone has its own set of resources, but participating in a Zone generally includes access to:

  • Headlines – Time-sensitive announcements about Zone activities
  • Technical documentation – Official Red Hat product guides, installation documents, FAQs, community docs, blogs, and more
  • Technical guidance – Resources to help align and certify your product on the Red Hat platform
  • Product promotion – Publication of your Red Hat certified product in our catalog and co-branded marketing resources
  • Project checklists – Best practices to track the steps toward getting your product certified or self-validated and published
  • Special offers – Periodic opportunities to get early access to emerging products and other offers
  • Red Hat expertise – Access to Red Hat technical experts, such as engineering, product management or support staff, to get your questions answered

What other extra benefits do Zone members get?

Partners who join a Zone get access to benefits beyond those available to general partners:

Early Adopter Process (EAP) – Get a head start on developing for Red Hat’s emerging technologies with pre-market access to tools, support, information, and software—before your competitors or customers get them.

Certification – Nominate one or more of your solutions to complete Red Hat’s certification process to ensure that our products work well together, and get your product automatically published in the Red Hat catalog.

How do we join a Zone? Can my company be in multiple Zones?

Joining a Zone is easy, and you can choose to apply to one or more Zones. The Red Hat Partner Connect team approves partners for acceptance to ensure that the Zone is truly a virtual meeting place of like-minded partners who have similar needs and expectations.

Once approved, your Primary User(s) will be notified. That’s all it takes. Your team can now take advantage of all of the assets, activities, workflows, and relationships that are a part of being in a Zone, including early access to software, resources for technology adoption, and workflows leading to certification.

To join another Zone, just submit another request for approval. There’s no need to sign another agreement unless that Zone has a Zone-specific addendum.

How does the Early Adopter Process (EAP) work?

Early access to pre-release software is offered to select technology partners that are highly engaged with Red Hat through a Zone. While any Zone member can submit a request to participate, early access partners are typically invited by the Red Hat Partner Connect team on the recommendation of the associated business unit.

These partners get access to beta software, engineering resources and a test workflow where they provide feedback to the business unit team. Early access gives partners the unique opportunity to:

  • Influence the direction and features of emerging Red Hat products.
  • Start developing products with new functionality early and gain competitive advantage.
  • Gain visibility by participating in Red Hat market awareness activities at launch.

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