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Partner Connect Overview

What does the Red Hat Partner Connect program do for technology partners?

The program helps software, hardware, systems integration and cloud hosting companies develop, test, and certify their solutions on the Red Hat portfolio, leading to publication in our certified product catalog and co-branded product promotion.

By joining this program, you and your company gain access to a wide variety of resources – technical content, domain experts, software, certification tools and promotional assets – to help you through the process of aligning, refining and certifying your products on Red Hat platforms.

The mission of the technology partner program is to:

  • Connect a deep and broad set of technology companies to Red Hat through an active and committed ecosystem.
  • Connect the products and services you create with Red Hat’s product portfolio through alignment and certification.
  • Connect your certified and supported partner solutions with customers through co-branded marketing and “Red Hat certified” logos.

Who is eligible to become a Red Hat technology partner?

The program is for companies that offer software, hardware, systems integration, and cloud hosting products or services for commercial sale. Technology partner companies build solutions designed to run on – or integrate with – Red Hat’s product portfolio.

Software companies

  • Software vendors (SVs)
  • Services and systems integrators (SIs)
  • Application services providers (ASPs) or hosts
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) providers
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS) providers
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) providers

Managed services providers

  • Technology consultancies
  • Hardware companies
  • Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs)
  • Hardware vendors (HVs)
  • Original device manufacturers (ODMs)

What does the program provide to partners?

Software access – Streamline development and speed your product to market with developer tools and no-cost Red Hat software subscriptions.

Technical assets – Access an extensive library of information to expand your knowledge of Red Hat products and technologies.

Access to Zones – Get privileged access to information and activities targeted to specific Red Hat products or emerging technologies

Product certifications – Collaborate with Red Hat to offer your customers a complete stack that has been tried and tested and is backed by enterprise support.

Marketing resources – Raise your market profile with co-branded solution briefs, events, publication in the Red Hat catalog, and branding with the certified Red Hat technology logo.

Partner training – Take courses to build skills that will boost your sales and customer satisfaction.

I can have Red Hat software subscriptions for free? What’s the catch?

There’s no catch, just some limitations. Red Hat offers technology partners free software subscriptions for the following non-production uses:

  • Technical evaluation
  • Internal uses such as enablement and staff training
  • External uses such as customer demonstrations and proof-of-concept activities
  • Interoperability testing and certification
  • Supporting and troubleshooting interoperability issues
  • Development activities that don't require support service level agreements (SLAs)

You can deploy these software subscriptions (also called NFRs, not for resale) in three ways:

  • On-premise – Use your subscriptions to deploy Red Hat software in your own data center.
  • In the cloud – Use Red Hat software through one of our Red Hat cloud partners worldwide.
  • Hosted by Red Hat – Use a Red Hat managed hosting plan for cloud technologies.

Things you should know before requesting a free software subscription:

  • Software can be requested once a year by the designated Red Hat liaison on your team.
  • Software subscriptions are valid for one year and can be requested again upon expiration.
  • Subscriptions provide software (including updates) and access to the Red Hat Customer Portal.
  • These no-cost subscriptions do not include Red Hat support but do include access to a wealth of technical resources on the Red Hat Customer Portal.

What are the business benefits for my company being in the partner program?

Tighter integration with Red Hat
Access to Red Hat engineers, recommended practices, technology enablement, and development resources helps you more tightly align your products with Red Hat platforms and components.

A head start on developing with new technologies
Get a head start on developing for Red Hat’s emerging technologies with pre-market access to tools, support, information, and software – before your competitors or customers get them.

Tested and proven interoperability
Our technology adoption resources expedite the process of aligning, testing, and certifying your offering on generally available Red Hat products, to earn the distinction of carrying the “Red Hat certified technology” logo and publication in our catalog.

Higher market visibility and sales
Being an integral part of the worldwide Red Hat ecosystem can elevate your company’s stature and help broaden your market. Certified products gain visibility in the marketplace and stronger product positioning—recognized as being secure, enterprise ready, and endorsed by Red Hat.

Connections to advance your mission
Red Hat Partner Connect is all about making connections. Connections with people. Connections to the latest technologies. Connections to information. Connections to activities. All to drive greater market opportunities.

How can I contact the Red Hat Connect team?

For questions about program features, sign-ups, activities, certification, and more, submit a request.

Do you have more questions? Talk to a Red Hatter