Frequently Asked Questions

RHC4TP program

How do I find out who my company's Org Admin is?

You can navigate to your company dashboard via the user menu in the upper-right. Your Org Admin is identified in the Users table on that page.

Glossary of Terms

To learn how to speak Red Hat Connect fluently, please go to our Glossary of Terms.

What's the difference between Member status and Partner status?

In both cases, the status applies to your company, and that status is then inherited by all the users associated with that company. In order for a company to achieve member status, a minimum of one user must have registered through the Red Hat Connect website. This will register not only the user, but the new company as well. Member companies can apply to become a partner in a specific zone by requesting to join. The request will be reviewed by the Red Hat Connect team and, upon approval, your Org Admin will be asked to sign a Global Partner Agreement. With the zone approval and GPA in place, your company has reached partner status and your team is now able to enjoy all the zone benefits offered to help you align your product.

What is the Global Partner Agreement, and when does it need to be signed?

The Red Hat Global Partner Agreement (GPA) is a new contract that was crafted to cover technology partner terms and conditions, and it includes non-disclosure terms as well. The GPA will need to be signed by all new Red Hat Connect companies even if you have an NDA on file with us. Your Org Admin will be asked to electronically sign the GPA upon joining the first zone, however once the GPA is one file it will not have to be signed again as your company engages in additional zones.

Please note that some zones may entail a zone-specific addendum, which is considered an extension of the GPA. Also, if your company decides to participate in the Business Partner program, you will have to sign an additional addedum to cover those go-to-market-specific terms. Please contact the Red Hat Connect team if you have any questions or concerns. 

How can I contact the Red Hat Connect team?

If you have any questions about Red Hat Connect for Technology Partners, including program features, web site, entitements, etc. - you can submit a request through the Contact Us form in this FAQ section, or you can email us at

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